As summer’ is approaching, a lot more people are turning to the world outside. Specifically after spending weeks and months in your own home during the lockdown. And while most people are seeking the usual flora and fauna that you’ we expect outside, some have come throughout more exciting specimens. Like electronic director, author, and podcaster Rebecca Lavoie, who recently stumbled upon the colorful visitor.

Upon May 21, Lavoie shared a photograph on her Twitter feed with a caption that read “ This moth exists in nature and it’ s ON MY DECK. ” The image showed a beautiful yellow-and-pink moth that’ is the complete opposite of the very most common types we see close to. When you think of the word “moth,” you usually picture a little grayish fella that flies into the gentle at night. Not an exotic-looking being that will look like a ball of yellowish cotton.

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Rebecca Lavoie noted the exciting adventure on her Twitter accounts

Picture credits: reblavoie

Rebecca kept posting improvements on the situation as more and more people demonstrated interest and it wasn’ it a long time before the tweet thread exploded, along with her initial post getting 565K likes. A day later, Lavoie observed another rosy moth just delicately chilling with the first one (and it seemed like they were following the interpersonal distancing guidelines to act).

Image credits: reblavoie

The moth that Rebecca came across outside the girl house is a rosy maple moth (sometimes called a Cosmoth) as well as for those bug nerds that such as Latin— Dryocampa rubicunda. The moth species are local to United states and they are characterized by (you guessed it) their beautiful rose and yellow-colored colors. As the name suggests, these types of moths like chilling in walnut trees, so if you live in North America plus near maple trees, you have an increased chance of coming across these beautiful animals than the rest of us.

Image credits: reblavoie

Picture credits: reblavoie

Picture credits: Andy Reago & Chrissy McClarren

Image credit: Andy Reago & Chrissy McClarren

People rapidly responded to the story, with some sharing their very own experiences

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