1. You Always Had To Walk In The Old Clothes Of Your Older Brother Or Sister


Even if it still didn’t fit. Your mom just made the flares smaller of the old stinky clothes. You felt like a clown.

2. You Had To Sleep In A Very Tiny Bedroom

tiny bedroom

While your brother of sister had a palace as a bedroom you had to sleep in the tiniest room.

3.  You Were Always Tortured

In my younger years my older brother literally lifted me on a closet, I went there for an hour! Besides that you were always screwed with little bully tactics like the arm wire, were you arm was molested.

4.  Mentally You Were Always Broken , You Were Never Aloud To Read A Sweet Comic Book First


Because your brother or sister was stronger.

5. You Were Never Aloud To Play When Your Brother Or Sister Had Friends Coming Over


And even if they aloud you, you were some kind of “slave”.

6. You Were Getting Underfed

The law of the tallest and strongest was always the biggest at the table.

7. Also At School Life Was Heavy, All Your Teachers Compared You With Your Brother Or Sister

On high school it always was like: “Oooh, you are the little brother or sister of…!” And that was always bad news. Because your brother or sister didn’t behave, you were threaded like some kind of terrorist. Or your brother/sister were getting a lot of high grades.

8. Also Your Parents Had This Decease, You Weren’t Aloud To Do Anything


Things your brother or sister were aloud to do you suddenly weren’t. On a later age that was really annoying because he or she screwed up for you when you were too late at home and drank too much. The youngest children just wanted to party and get drunk!

9. So every older brother or sister have to buy a drink tonight!

buy drinks

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