The “press conferences” Donald Trump conducts every day (and which for a few unknown reasons the broadcast press feels compelled to force upon us) aren’t doing the job for your pet. He needs his brainless living dead crowds egging him on. He’s had to pretend he’s presidential regarding weeks on end now during this unparalleled health crisis, and he just can’t get it done anymore. That is why he wants to “reopen” the nation. He wants to be able to get back again on the road in front of his adoring packed areas. And to golf. Always with the golfing.

He’s harassing his staff to get those events back again on his schedule, sources are informing Politico. At a coronavirus briefing recently, he complained that he hasn’t “left the White House in weeks, ” which in normal people period is six weeks. You can just have the about-to-have-a-tantrum energy in his early morning tweet : “States are safely coming back. Our Nation is starting to OPEN FOR COMPANY again. Special care is, plus always will be, given to our precious seniors (except me! ). Their particular lives will be better than ever… WE ADORE YOU ALL! ”

He’s also aiming straight in Democratic governors, who will fight their efforts to have his rallies within their states. “If we’re listening to good medical minds in this country, political events are going to be some of the last actions that are phased in as we restart our economy, ” said Michigan’s Democratic Gov. Gretchen Whitmer. “I think it’s going to be a long time before anybody thinks it’s safe to have large gatherings, ” Whitmer told Politico. “It’s important that we’ re most very mindful, and that goes for strategy rallies on both sides of the section. ” An aide to Wisconsin’s Democratic Gov. Tony Evers decided. “If there was a situation where the leader was trying to violate his own suggestions, we would certainly have a conversation about this. ”

He desires to have this fight. He thinks it’s actually good for him politically. (If you are able to attribute “thinking” as the reason for anything Trump does. ) This could be fine. He could have his rallies with his zombie crowds. It would totally be fine if coronavirus might be contained to just the Trumpers. Yet they’d go out into the larger globe and breathe on everyone else. And many more people would die because Trump can’t control his own impulses with no one around him is enough of the patriot to force him in order to.

And just because almost always there is a tweet, here’s a tweet:

All the governors are already supporting off of the Ebola quarantines. A bad choice that will lead to more mayhem.

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) October twenty-eight, 2014