Covid Cases in the US

Quite simply, there was a crucial period during which the pandemic was exploding in Europe — but had not yet arrived on America shores. That was the time plan and a strategy should have been crafted in America.

The President egged individuals on to protest any steps taken against the pandemic, from masks to lockdowns. What the?

What happens in 100,000 cases daily? Society as we know it — even what’s left of it — simply ceases to function. Everything begins to fall, and stops. Financial systems, energy systems, maintenance and water systems mile delivery systems these start to buckle, for the simple reason that, well, who exactly is going to take care of them? If Coronavirus reaches 100,000 cases daily in America, modern life — what little is left of it — will cease to exist.

There are a few charts that are worth more and a thousand. The above is just one of them. Books can and will be written about it. It tells the tale of a catastrophe so bizarre and surreal that it is likely to be remembered as one of modern history’s greatest catastrophes: how Trump’s America botched and bungled a pandemic, until it finally burst, and the death toll reached into the hundreds of thousands, on the scale of a world war.

The graph above contains many, many strange and terrible lessons. Let me unpick three mistakes, which are America was surrendered by Trump and it.

The first point to notice is that America’s lineup and Europe’s line do not start at exactly the exact same time. The lineup — the start of a pandemic of america — lags Europe. By a couple of weeks a month or so.

Those times were critical. Here is what should have happened — in any normal and sane society. Seeing a storm coming their way, the hatches should have been battened down.

America had something priceless, a present: it had advance warning of the deadliest pandemic in modern history. A month or so of it. What could and should have been done? Every sort of preparation could have been made.

Like what? Testing centers might have been opened. People might have been cautioned, educated, informed. Lockdowns might have been ready — serious ones, such as Europe’s, not as a lot of America’s half-hearted ones (“bars can open at 50% capacity.” What the?) People might have been made ready. Economic support might have been put in place.

Quite simply, there was a crucial period during which the pandemic was exploding in Europe — but had not yet arrived on America shores. This was the time plan and a strategy should have been crafted in the us.

What occurred instead — what actually happened during those crucial few weeks? The solution is: nothing. Unfortunately, Donald Trump, who supported by an army of American Idiots headed America. Rather than taking advantage of those crucial few weeks…Trump denied that there was a pandemic. He then minimized it. Obviously, no strategy — nothing resembling a plan — happened in America.

The result was that the pandemic took America by surprise. Americans did not anticipate it to wreak. Many of them do not believe it. State after state was caught unprepared.

Nothing — and I mean nothing — has been learned from Europe’s experience. Americans were bewildered by the birth of a virus when Coronavirus touched down in America — it might wreak although the majority of Europe had seen the terror. What the?

“But what else did you expect?” History will say. America had no direction warning Americans that a pandemic came. The President was busy minimizing it and denying it. The resistance didn’t really appear to comprehend this situation’s gravity.

Fatal mistake number one: Coronavirus might have been mitigated to some serious and big degree in the united states, because it came last among rich countries — and courses might have been discovered, preparations could have been made, a plan formed.

Everything from PPE might have been stockpiled to preventative lockdowns enforced to preventative test-and-trace set up to emergency testing facilities opened into temporary hospitals built to oxygen supplies and ventilators mass produced. But nothing has been done.

Trump was surrendering America into Coronavirus, by doing nothing, pretending no tragedy was going to happen — so what was there to prepare ? — before it hit American shores, but had swept much of the world. What cost would Americans cover the surrender of Trump? The one that is ultimate. A death toll. Mass death unbelievably in a matter of weeks — swept American just like a tide.

At this stage — now we have come to the point on the chart where America plateaus — a strange thing occurs. In much of Asia, the virus is included. A classic”wave” shape is generated.

But in America, no such form emerges. Instead, an astonishingly summit is reached by the virus — and then only plateaus. The shape is not a wave — a trough, a crest, a summit: it is a tsunami with no end in sight.

Why did that shape emerge?

At this stage, something like a global set of best practices were emerging. From nations who had been effective at fighting the actions , based on science, reason, and logic regarding health. Nations such as South Korea, New Zealand, Vietnam, many more these provided a template.

It looked something like this. Lock swift down and hard. No foolish half-measures, like “this restaurant can open at 50% capacity.” Just…lock down it. Evaluation and follow, much granular detail. Isolate. Ensure it is punishable to behave. Open testing facilities that are public, and test extensively, and use technology to follow as possible and quickly. Enforce mask-wearing. Mandate distancing. Open hesitantly in stages and phases and steps and bubbles when you reopen.

Bang. That’s make a summit — and the way to beat the virus back. Bear in mind, there is a summit an individual creation. This is something Americans do not appear to understand. There is A peak not something. A virus that is new could plateau amongst the population. Polio and like smallpox did. A wave is something we create, with the institutions and systems and understandings of science and all the tools of health. There is A summit something we create.

The virus”peaked” in countries like New Zealand and South Korea just because they left it summit. Having a sophisticated edge strategy. Europe, following a period of struggle that is dreadful, did so.

I wonder if America really understands all that — but I digress.

There was no summit in America because there was no national plan, no plan, no agenda. A President was who — by this point — told people to drink bleach. That’s when he n’t blockaded PPE supplies. What the?

In that lack of leadership, chaos started to reign. Some states, such as New York, which had governors who took the pandemic beat it back, after a fight, and crafted their strategy. But the sorts of American Idiots who constitute the army of Trump headed others. Statistics such as Red States’ governors. They had no plan to fight with the pandemic. In places like Arizona and Texas, it was made illegal to make masks are worn by people. What the?

The President egged individuals to protest any steps taken against the pandemic, from masks to lockdowns. What the?

At this stage in the growth of the pandemic, a worldwide version of best practices had emerged. All America had to do was apply it.

However, America was now a country largely led by idiots — Trump, those Red State governors — figures who seemed to delight at the prospect of a pandemic. And America did not apply best practices’ model which may be observed in areas like Germany, New Zealand, South Korea, etc. This was the second error.

Which led, in short order, to the third deadly error.

What occurred rather than applying global best practices? Well, what could you expect? To do the opposite of what it should do.

And so — to the protests of anybody sane left, now — much of America reopened, much too soon. Reopening was focused in Red States — that by now equated freedom with”the right to contract and infect a deadly pandemic.”

Look at the graph again. In the plateau, we are at this time. What is different about it? Well it is a plateau. No peak was created. The virus was ripping in a level that was higher — and constant — of disease, new instances, death.

And so the result of reopening at this stage — from a large, higher plateau, not a trough near zero — was as absurd as it was predictable: it was going to cause a massive, sudden, viral explosion, which was to be a human tragedy.

That is exactly what did happen. So after Red States or two weeks reopened, the virus numbers of America started to nudge upwards. They crept. And they burst. Within two weeks, they had doubled not from a trough, but from the plateau.

America now had 45,000 Coronavirus cases each day. France had 500. Canada 300. New Zealand, Vietnam, South Korea? Zero.

That is now. And that explosion is occurring. The Surgeon General has warned that another doubling — to 100,000 cases a day — is not unrealistic.

What happens in 100,000 cases daily? Society as we know it — even what is left of it ceases to function. Everything starts to fall, and stops. A country explodes from the inside out, like a supernova. Financial systems maintenance and water systems mile delivery systems these start to buckle? Contemporary life — what is left of it — will cease to exist, if Coronavirus reaches 100,000 cases daily in the usa.

Then there are the financial consequences, which I will not fully cover in this essay for the sake of brevity, but I will mention. There’s absolutely not any such thing as a recovery from a catastrophe. Anyone that tells you is not an excellent economist. Every day of a tragedy requires at a few days, maybe five to recover from. Think about an earthquake, war, tornado, flooding. Catastrophe and ones cause downturn and depressions, respectively. This pandemic has peaked in America. Four months it is bee. Folks have experienced little to no assistance from the government — unlike in Europe — the weeks equal of only one. There is, also, A depression on the cards.

That is a bonus (!) Error: number four. Not the market throughout the pandemic. But I’ll address in a different essay.

Three deadly mistakes.

One. Not learning anything America had struck it, but it’d hit on a lot of the rest of the world.

Two. Not using the global version of best practices to beat against the virus.

Three. Rather than developing a summit, by combating with the pandemic — once the virus had not been made to summit reopening.

Bang! Coronavirus exploded in America. Coronavirus was surrendered to by Since Trump. All three of these mistakes lie at the Trump Administration’s feet. As does my bonus error, which will make a depression.

Why is America the world’s most gruesome and bizarre and shocking example of the way Coronavirus can tear a society — no matter how strong — to shreds? It was surrendered to by Since Trump. Because that surrender was applauded by him. On this capitulation Idiots cheered Since his army of American.

However, you can not appease a deadly virus. It doesn’t have any remorse, conscience, morality. Everything that you can do is, by surrendering to it, make it burst. Do not we know that? What the?

Donald Trump finally met someone even more ruthless, brutal, remorseless, and violent than himself. Something, rather. A virus. Now wonder he played golf, and surrendered to it. Of course he seems to admire it.

But it’s Americans who paid the ultimate price. With a death toll which horrifies shocks, and bewilders the world, a lot of the remainder of that, having beaten the virus back, wonders: what the hell is wrong with Americans, that they let themselves be brutalized like this?