Social experiments, the internet is full of them. You take a camera with you on the street and drop, for instance, your wallet to see how people around you react. Do they return your wallet or do they rather keep your money?


A social experiment was done in the video below. But this one is very special and I did not expect this outcome at all!

There is a man sitting on the streets of New York City and he is asking for money as if he is a homeless man. His daughter is sitting next to him and holds a sign that says: ”Homeless single father, need money for family”.

Earlier that day he did the same thing but then the sign said something completely different: ”Homeless, need money for weed, drugs, and alcohol”.

The goal of this experiment is to see how people in New York react to both situations. The result? You are NOT going to believe this!

Watch the video below and be surprised.


You will only make things worse by giving money to an addict. Don’t ignore people who are really in need! Make sure to SHARE this video!