Searching for the luckiest man of America can be stopped. Last wednesday, Robert Hamilton from Indianapolis won the lottery for the second time in three months.  On wednesday the spokesmen of the Indiana Lottery announced that Hamilton won ​​$ 1 million in a game. However, the lucky bastard also won an equal amount when he participated this game in April.

man won lottery twice

“The icing on the cake ‘, that’s how Hamilton called the second price which he could come pick this week. The lucky guy told that he bought his tickets in a supermarket during his trip to a conference, so that are the good places!

Hamilton said that spending the money from the first prize was already fun; First he fulfilled his financial obligations, bought a house, been on a holiday and bought a truck for his father. The lucky bastard also invested in his own business.

“After he won for the first time I told him that he could buy a motorcycle if he won again”, said Hamilton wife against So now he actually have a chance making that dream also coming true, but in our opinion you can buy more than a hundred motorcycles for that money.