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This is what Americans ask Google…

Most of you probably know Google Trends, a great tool to see what people are searching for all over the world.

Another way to get insights into people’s search behaviour is the auto-complete function Google has.
For this experience, I switched my browser into incognito mode and set up a VPN connection to New York, USA.

Questions most asked to Google

Why do you

So far, all genuine questions, though asking why someone wants to become a doctor seems like a question better answered by your GP.

I expect sexual education might need some improvement (or maybe parents are like ‘just google that little junior’).

Do All People

The only conclusion I could think is that many americans have a voice inside their head…

The Dutch have many unique traits, but the most important questions seem about their height. If this is also something you’d like to know, read this Wikipedia article.

Why are americans

It’s a good thing to be curious about your own culture and the people are you. The first question is kind of a no-brainer for the rest of the world, But afraid of dragons? seriously?
No need to be afraid of them, they are like golden retrievers, just a bit bigger


They aren’t polite or nice.. They are just healthy humans with a good functioning government.


Their culture & food is impressive, the people are friendly and there are so many more things you should know about Italians. But it seems this is the most common, if not the only, question asked in the USA.

Really? Are Chinese called onions? Never heard of that before. The last suggestion is something most people don’t ask, but just see as a fact. So props to the USA for trying to find out the actual reason behind it!

Enjoy yourself with these other suggestions Google gives