Meet mr. Corey, a nine-year old boy who is CEO of his own company. Unlike his friends who are probably busy playing in the sandbox Cory does other things. They make cookies in the sandbox, Cory makes real cookies from his mother’s house in New Jersey.

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Business meets Fashion

Cory is known for making and selling his own cookies. Only he did become really popular for his fashionable clothing for a nine year old. Cory always leaves the house well dressed and lives under the guise of: clothes make the man.

Because this almost teenager is dressed better than the average adult male. Besides baking cookies, shopping at top clothing stores like J. Crew surely is his second big hobby.

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All baking and shop adventures of Mister Cory, you can follow on Instagram. (@mrcorys) Through this social media platform Cory has already got hundreds of followers.

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