The World’s youngest Mother

Lina Marcela Medina is the youngest mother ever. She gave birth when she was 5 and a half years old, got pregnant on September 23, 1933, in Peru. She was raised from a simple family. Her mother is Victoria Losea who was a housemaker and her dad is Tiburelo Medina who was a silversmith.

Lina’s Parents

When she was 5 and a half years old, her folks saw her abdominal growing. They thought it was a tumor but  Dr. Gerardo Lozada confirmed that  Lina was really 7 months pregnant then. Her parent never imagined that a certain age can be possibly pregnant but the findings and diagnosis confirmed.

The Doctor called the police to arrest Lina’s father as he was the main suspect. There were cross-examinations but they had to free him due to a lack of evidence. The next suspect was Lina’s cousin who’s mentally ill but again, due to lack of proof and evidence, they cannot prosecute him.

Lina being pregnant

Authorities tried to find some solutions from Lina by asking her some questions with her mother on her side, but she didn’t remember anyone raping or assaulting her. Once again, due to a lack of leads and proofs, the case was closed. 
Since her body is not yet fully developed for pregnancy and childbirth, her baby was born via cesarean section which was very risky for Lina. When she was 8 months pregnant, her mother confessed to the media that she started getting her monthly period by the age of 3. Specialists also found out that she had a precocious puberty problem, proving that her organs were developed at a very young age, the glands and sex hormones began to work abnormally at such a tender age. The cause of this condition is still unknown.

Lina after giving birth

The Doctors knew that Lina and the baby might have some issues because she bore a child at a very tender age, however, the baby was born normally at 40 weeks weighing an ideal weight of 2.7 kilograms! Lina gave birth coincidentally on Mother’s Day, May 14, 1939. The baby’s name was Gerardo Medina. She got it after her Doctor who helped her during her labor.

Lina and his son Gerardo

The father of her child remains a mystery. What’s sure is that Lina is a young innocent victim of sexual abuse. Sadly, it still happens today.
 Lina’s parents gave her and her child a happy childhood. They protected her privacy and didn’t use Lina’s one of a kind condition to gain financially. There were a lot of specialists and researchers who wanted to study Lina’s case and her baby but her parents refused because they wanted to give protect the children.

Growing up with her son

Growing up, Gerardo thought that Lina was his big sister. But when he was 10, he found out that she is his mother.  Lina married Raul Jurado and later on gave birth to another baby boy in 1972.Gerardo died of bone marrow infection or bone cancer at the age of 40 in 1979. 

Lina getting pregnant at the age of 5 was never solved but motherhood made her a responsible mother. Lina worked as a secretary to Lima Lozado Clinic to support herself and his son.She made sure that she and her son lived a good life regardless. 

The public respected the privacy of the Medina family. Lina is now 87 and still alive today. There was not much information about her child Gerardo either. 

Lina @ 87 yo 2018