Grooms and their brides spend much cash on their wedding day. Couples make this day special for them and their guests. But what could be the most special gift a groom can give his wife? If a groom isn’t that well off, a bride can expect something simple. But for this groom, his bride deserves something more. He surprised her with Php1 million pesos in cash on their wedding day!

Their wedding happened before the pandemic and the Team Benitez Photo captured this moment. The picture showed how surprised the bride waw- getting a special gift from his husband. A one million peso bundle of cash!

Imagine the things she can buy or what business she can start with it! The team posted it on their FB page.

The clueless bride got the surprise when the wedding coordinator told her that the groom has a special gift for her. They asked her to open the gift infront of family and guests.  The cash was wrapped in a pink ribbon.  “Now that’s a surprise wedding gift!!! Php1,000,000 cash!!!

The post went viral. It got 15 thousand reactions, more than 7k comments, with about 9k shares. Whew! What a way to start their union! Comments poured with one saying that it was a “Sana All” (I hope everyone does) moment. Another also said that money is already good for starting a business. Some women even tagged their partners saying they also want to receive cash. Funny!

Of course, every good-natured post goes with other reactions. Some said that they will have a good marriage even without that money as a gift and some even also commented that they can live with love, loyalty, and honesty without a 1 million peso gift… Some people really…

What you guys think of this?