Cleaning a cat regularly can help decrease shedding, matted fur, and hairballs. We tested 14 cat brushes, dematting tools, combs, and tidying gloves to select the best for short- and long-haired cats. The Andis Premium Deshedding Family pet Tool is our own top pick for its ability to achieve deep into the undercoat and eliminate excess hair.

There’s a world associated with difference between grooming a kitty and grooming a dog . A few cats love to be brushed or even combed, while it can make others totally ornery. But even though the average kitty is excellent at self-grooming — cats and kittens spend anywhere from 15% to fifty percent of their day cleaning themselves — those with long or short hair can benefit through regular brushing or combing, based on Dr . Aimee Simpson, VMD, healthcare director of VCA Cat Medical center of Philadelphia .

There are a wide variety of tools available for tidying a cat:

Grooming mitts and curry brushes: These assist remove loose hair, dirt, plus debris while stimulating circulation plus distributing the natural oils that maintain the skin and coat healthy. Deshedding tools: These types of tools are used to get rid of excess hair from the undercoat of felines with long or thick locks. They help minimize hairballs, losing, and mats. Slicker brushes or even dematting combs: Both of these tools work well in removing uncomfortable tangles plus knots from the undercoat.

With this guide to the best cat brushes, I actually tested 14 different grooming equipment over a three-month period with 2 cats, one with short locks and one with long hair. We received editorial review samples using their manufacturers with the exception of the Furminator, Resco comb, and SleekEZ tool, which usually Insider Reviews purchased.

For additional expertise on grooming the cat at home, I consulted along with Simpson as well as two professional groomers: Loel Miller, owner of Cellular Grooming by Loel in Walnut Creek, California, plus Melissa Tillman, owner of Melissa Michelle Grooming within San Leandro, California.

Listed below are our top picks for the best kitty brushes: Best cat brush general: Andis Pet Deshedding Tool Best slicker brush: Safari Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush just for Cats Best curry brush: Furbliss Family pet Brush Best dematting comb: JW Pet Gripsoft Cat Brush Best grooming baseball glove: HandsOn All-In-One Baths & Grooming Gloves

Prices and links are present as of 6/30/2020. After extensive assessment, we have updated our picks to get the best overall (formerly Furminator ), curry brush (formerly Kong Zoom Groom ), plus dematting comb (formerly GoPets ). We furthermore added a category for the best tidying glove.

The best brush general

The hooked teeth for the Andis Pet Deshedding Device deftly remove locks from a cat’s undercoat without annoying the skin.

Out of the fourteen brushes and combs I’ve examined over the last three months, the Andis Pet Deshedding Tool is hands down the most effective at getting rid of excess fur from both short- and long-haired cats. Its addicted teeth gently catch hold plus remove hair deep in the undercoat without causing discomfort or discomfort to a cat’s skin.

I literally did not understand how much hair my cats got concealed in their undercoats until I acquired ahold of this deshedding brush. We’ve long been a fan of the Furminator , but the Andis Deshedding Tool is simply better at the job. In just a few strokes, this particular brush removes at least twice the head of hair of any of the others I examined, including the Furminator.

The strength of the Andis deshedder lies in the 17 curved metal teeth, which usually reach beneath the topcoat to pull tresses from the undercoat. The tool alone is lightweight, less than a 1/4 lb, and its polymer handle is easy in order to grip. From tooth to end, the brush is 6. twenty five inches long. The width from the head, about 4. 5 in . long, is an ideal size to do a great job quickly while still fitting straight into hard-to-reach nooks and crannies.

Whilst I’m not convinced of Andis’ claim that their deshedding tool can assist reduce shedding by “up in order to 90%” is correct, after applying this tool a few times a week for a 30 days, I have noticed a reduction in loose curly hair on the floors and furniture. We have also noted that my hairball-prone long-haired cat has had fewer of these since we began using this clean. Neither of my cats appear to experience discomfort while being cleaned with this deshedding tool and the addicted teeth prevent me from unintentionally nicking or over-raking their epidermis.

The only thing I hate about this brush is that it inevitably simply leaves a thin layer of loose fur at the topcoat. How I remove those extra loose hairs depends on the day. Occasionally I break out another brush such as the Furbliss Pet Clean (our pick for optimum curry brush), but a thorough attract over the coat with my level palms seems to work just as well.

Pros: Curved teeth quickly remove undercoat fur while safeguarding skin from irritation, lightweight, simple to grip, small enough to reach limited spots, removes more hair compared to any other brush tested

Cons: Leaves behind a layer associated with loose hair after brushing, costly

The best slicker brush Shoshi Parks/Business Insider

The Safari Self-Cleaning Slicker Clean helps detangle matted undercoat fur and can be washed with the push of a button.

Each of the four slicker brushes I tested worked reasonably properly to smooth out matted fur plus remove excess hair, but the retractable hooks on Safari’s Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush ensure it is stand head and shoulders that beats all others. When the brush’s pins are full of curly hair, press a button on the to push the front plate forward plus dislodge the hair in a solid, fuzzy rectangle.

Unlike deshedding tools, slicker brushes have slim, blunt pins that can slide in to tangled hair and break pads apart. This brush did an excellent job helping me combat the particular mats on the chest and beneath the arms of my long-haired kitty. While they couldn’t remove each mat alone, the brush made a difference in keeping his undercoat tangle-free.

The brush comes with an ergonomic handle with rubber holds, is just under 9 inches long, and weighs only 4 oz .. Its 288 stainless steel pins (yes, I counted! ) measure 3-by-2 inches, a size nimble sufficient to get into hard to reach places. Your invisalign aligner button on the back of the clean is a cinch to press one-handed.

While this brush may be used on both long and short locks, it does its best work with long-haired cats whose undercoats tend to be weightier and thicker. Short-haired cats might prefer a soft, rubber curry brush to the blunt pins of the slicker brush.

If your cat’s coat is severely matted, even though, the tangles will likely need to be minimize. That job is best left in order to professionals, according to Simpson. “You should not try to cut mats out of your cat’s hair with scissors. This can result in accidental laceration of the skin, inch she said.

That it is worth noting that if you keep plan brushing a long-haired cat having a deshedder like our best overall select from Andis , they may be less likely to form the mats that the slicker brush tackles best. However for cats that are prone to the occasional tangle, the Safari Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush is definitely an affordable, easy-to-use tool that has got the job done.

Read the full review of the Safari Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush for cats.

Pros: Self-cleaning key retracts pins for easy curly hair removal, ergonomically designed handle along with rubber grips, stainless steel pins assistance to detangle mats and tangles, great for undercoat care, affordable

Cons: Short-haired cats won’t obtain as much out of this brush

The very best curry brush Shoshi Parks/Business Insider

The versatile Furbliss Pet Brush , which usually not only combs and massages your own cat but also removes fur through upholstery and clothing, is the just grooming tool most short-haired cats and kittens will ever need.

A good curry brush is ideal for tidying a short-haired cat, according to Tillman.   I was impressed by the Furbliss Pet Brush not just because its versatile silicone nubs are gentle plus effective at removing loose hair, yet because it can also be used to massage an animal, remove hair from clothing plus upholstery, and dispense shampoo within the bath (for those brave spirits who are willing and able to shower their cats).

Patented two-sided design of this brush is made of 100% medical-grade silicone that draws in loose hair and dirt. In the front, the brush has versatile nodules that smooth out the topcoat and provide a gentle massage in order to stimulate circulation in the skin, important joints, and muscles. The brush can be utilized wet or dry and the rear is crisscrossed with reservoir tissue to hold shampoo for deep-cleaning whilst bathing. When dry, the rear can also be gently rubbed over clothes and upholstery to remove hair plus lint.

The Furbliss  comes in two different styles for felines. The blue brush has thick, cone-shaped teeth for short-haired domestic pets and the green brush has bigger nubs spaced more widely apart with regard to long-haired pets. I tried each one of these on both my long- and short-haired cats and didn’t notice a significant difference between them. Each one worked properly on both types of fur.

The brush is 4. 5-by-2. 5 inches in size and weighs about just under 4 ounces. I found this easy to grip and use, however it may be a little less comfortable for all those with very large hands. Because hair sticks to the silicone material, the particular brush is a challenge to clean out whenever dry. Run it under hot water or pop it into a dishwasher or washing machine, though, and the long lasting brush (which can withstand temperature ranges up to 250 degrees) comes out untarnished. It is also made in the US and includes a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

While the Furbliss can help to remove reduce hair, dirt, and dander through long-haired cats, it really shines upon cats with shorter hair. The durability offers a lifetime of grooming, rubbing, and cleaning up after your pet.

Pros: 100% medical-grade silicon, two-sided design, can be used wet or even dry for grooming and massage therapy, back side can be used to remove tresses from clothing and upholstery, obtainable in two styles, dishwasher or washer safe, 100% satisfaction guarantee

Cons: Hair difficult to get rid of from brush when dry, might be less comfortable for people with very large fingers