Back in 1964, Australian navy veteran Don Ritchie and his family moved to a house right across the street from a place called ‘The Gap’

Sadly, t is Australia’s most famous suicide spot. For nearly 50 years of living there, Ritchie has started friendly conversation with many and he has been able to stop and change minds of over 160 suicidal strangers from jumping into the cliff.

Over the years I’ve spoken to many, many of them – just a way of saying, “What are you doing over here? Please come and talk to me. Come over and have a cup of tea, come and have a beer. To get them away from their mind, to get them away from going over while I’m here,” he once said.

Ritchie has received multiple medals and awards from the Australian government and from charitable organizations for his humanity and kindness. He passed away in May 2012 at the age of 85, but to this day, people still fondly call him ‘The Angel of the Gap’. We need many of Ritchie during this time….A hero with a big heart! May he rest in peace….