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A Man who lost his penis is growing a new one…on his arm!

Malcolm Macdonald lost his genitalia to a severe infection- sepsis, and now sports a "bionic penis" on his left forearm. Malcolm, 45, suffered from a perineum infection which led to a severe case of sepsis in 2014, which spread to his extremities,…

The World’s youngest Mother

Lina Marcela Medina is the youngest mother ever. She gave birth when she was 5 and a half years old, got pregnant on September 23, 1933, in Peru. She was raised from a simple family. Her mother is Victoria Losea who was a housemaker and her…
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The 9 Most Impressive Places In The World, Nobody Knew About #7

All these wonderful places actually exist, even though it looks like the images are directly from a painting. 1.The Roraima mountain on the border of Venezuela, Brazil, and Guyana. 2.Salar de Uyuni. A salt flat in southwestern Bolivia. 3.You…