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Could We Hide the Earth From Alien Visitors?

Imagine if it were achievable to hide from the hostile alien civilization by ‘cloaking’ the complete planet?

Here’s what Virgin Orbit hopes to achieve with their first full orbital test launch on Sunday

Virgin Orbit held a press briefing on Saturday hosted by CEO Dan Hart and VP of Special Projects Will Pomerantz. The company aims to fly its first ever orbital test launch on Sunday, at roughly 9:30 AM PT (12:30 PM ET), though there’s flexibility…

SpaceX is gunning for a history-making rocket launch of 2 NASA astronauts on Wednesday, but stormy weather could foil its plans

Bill Cooper for SpaceX SpaceX, founded simply by Elon Musk more than 18 years back, is about to rocket launch its first people into orbit . If all of the goes according to plan, astronauts Bob Behnken plus Doug Hurley may lift off at 4:…