The world can learn from South Korea’s battle to coronavirus. Despite a large number of cases from Jan to March, the Government follows WHO rules and does tests daily. Testing stands were set up out in public places, and contact tracing was done on any suspected cases. Last July 7, South Korea had only 285 confirmed deaths.

South Korea’s success in making their covid 19 cases lower may also be due to the people’s response in wearing masks. According to a survey, 70% of South Koreans are wearing masks in response to Covid 19 as early as Feb 2020, which is significantly higher than the percentage seen in the US and the UK until July 2020. Masks are known to stop transmission of infections, and one of the easiest ways for any individual to help fight against the CoronaVirus.
They did a more creative approach in encouraging people to wear masks. 300 drones were programmed to share aerial photos so people can see the importance of wearing masks, washing hands and also sending gratitude to medical workers  with messages displayed to acknowledge health frontlines and impress the public.
The show was amazing, it had an incredible display of technology. The message is simple but very important- wear masks and save lives.