Silversea Cruises christened the 100-guest Silver Origin on Feb. 25 in San Cristobal, the Galápagos Islands. The godmother was Johanna Carrión, a conservationist and irreversible citizen of the Galápagos Islands.Guests required to the water on Silver Origin’s Zodiac rafts, raising a glass of champagne as Silversea formally invited the ship to its fleet of 10.

MARKETING A tradition of Royal Caribbean Group, a bagpipe performance started the calling event, which marked Jason Liberty’s very first ship christening as the new president

and CEO of Silversea moms and dad Royal Caribbean Group. Liberty co-hosted the occasion with Roberto Martinoli, president and CEO, Silversea Cruises; Barbara Muckermann, primary commercial officer, Silversea; and Fernando Delgado, vice president, Silversea Cruises Ecuador

. Escorted by Captain Karin Chacon, Carrión dealt with Silver Origin’s visitors prior to Bishop Patricio Bonilla blessed the vessel. Trending Now “My wholehearted congratulations to the Silversea group on this turning point,” Liberty said. “Silversea’s efforts to support long-lasting conservation here in the Galapagos Islands speak with our commitment to the environment. Our approach is built on the mantra that ‘respect for the oceans is not a choice, it’s a lifestyle.'”

“It was an extremely proud moment to formally welcome Silver Origin to our fleet,” Martinoli said. “Beyond simply going to the most gorgeous corners of our world, Silversea aims to improve each destination. This is especially true in the Galápagos Islands. Silver Origin is our greatest means to influence travelers to protect the health and wellbeing of this beautiful archipelago for future generations.”

Raised in the Galápagos Islands and an irreversible citizen of the archipelago, Carrión is the executive director and CEO of the Scalesia Foundation, an instructional foundation supported by Silversea Cruises, that champs the long-lasting preservation of the Galápagos through education.

“It is a fantastic honor to be picked as the godmother of Silver Origin,” Carrión said. “Silversea’s assistance for the Scalesia Structure assists to secure the wellbeing of the Galápagos Islands for generations to come. I eagerly anticipate reinforcing the partnership in between Silversea Cruises and the Scalesia Structure, as we continue to cultivate long-term preservation through education on sustainability.”