Joe Biden & Charlamange The God speak politics

Source: Revolt TV / Revolt TV

As November gets nearer and closer, it’ is nearly time for everyone to show up in the polls and either vote to help make the ongoing circus stop or are not able to show up and let it continue. With all the pathetic response to the coronavirus outbreak being seen simply by all, many would think there is certainly only one clear choice when it comes period for the election- perhaps nobody seems as strongly about this as May well Biden.

Biden joined Charlamagne Tha God this morning via video contact to discuss politics on the largest dark platform for Democratic politicians, The particular Breakfast Club. During the interview, Biden talked about several issues, including Joe’ s thoughts on having a woman associated with color as his running lover, his party taking black voters for granted by simply expecting these to vote blue and erasing weed-related criminal history for millions of Americans.

While the latter should have already been a perfect moment for Joe to speak about his wrongdoings with the crime costs, he simply placed the blame upon certain aspects of the process and eliminates the opportunity to just ask for forgiveness. Perhaps the most shocking moment- and most viral moment- from the interview were when Later on telling Charlamagne “ he ain’ in black” if he has problems figuring out if he wants to election for Biden. Which… are something we would expect to hear Trump state, not the Democratic candidate.

“ Listen, you’ ve got to come see us whenever you come to New York, Vice President Biden ” Charlamagne said. “It’ is a long way until November. We’ I’ve got more questions.”

“ You’ I’ve got more questions? ” Biden responded. “Well I inform you what, if you have a problem figuring out regardless of whether you’ are for me or Trump, then you win’ in black.”

Joe really has to get it with each other, because we need him to be completely focused and in the zone prior to November. Catch the entire interview beneath.