Orange Seal

Albino Seal Pup Spotted in Russia Gets Nicknamed ‘the Ugly Duckling’: It Is an ‘Unusual Event’

“That is a transparent albino with No pigmentation in mind,” said one marine mammal biologist of this rare wild creature

This one-of-a-kind baby seal is catching the attention of creature experts.

Last week, Vladimir Burkanov, a marine mammal biologist, shared Instagram footage and photos he seized on Tyuleny Island at Russia of a rare albino seal puppy. From the wildlife pictures, the orange-coloured seal sticks out one of its younger peers, waddling its flippers and sitting along with additional infants.

The special puppy was nicknamed the Ugly Duckling.

“‘Ugly duck’ – albino fur seal is infrequent occasion. … appears more red than white. This is an obvious albino with no pigmentation in mind,” Burkanov captioned a post on Instagram, translated to English.

At the following Instagram article, Burkanov shared info about a similar instance of an albino seal, sharing a picture by colleague Sergey Fomin of a light-coloured seal perched on a stone. The picture is from Bering Island in Fall 2017.