Monstrously fun knit face masks encourage social distancing

Face mask style is a thing , and one Reykjaví k designer has seriously upped the ante.

The particular artist Ý rú rarí is really a textile designer who works mainly with knitting. She says that will “adding knitted 3D elements in order to second hand sweaters has been the style of my work for the past many years. ” She makes sweaters protected with knit lips, tongues, tooth, and other fantastical, enchantingly grotesque 3d features.

But Ý rú rarí has been working over the neck recently. She has already been turning many of the 3D elements through her sweaters into face face masks.

“Now face face masks are becoming such a necessity and component of our life I thought it could be fascinating to translate my ideas directly into that form, inspired by present events, ” Ý rú rarí told Mashable in an email. “I was not expecting to connect well with all the form of the face mask, but it is practical, I do use forms of the face plus expressions a lot in my usual function. So before really noticing this I had already made a small type of knitted face-mask[s]. ” Read more…

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