An Egyptian man who downplayed the coronavirus pandemic has passed away after becoming infected with the infectious disease.

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Mohamed Wahdan, a 29-year-old who worked in the tourism firm, alleged on Facebook that the outbreak was fake news crafted because of the U. S. in an effort to disrupt China’ s economy.

Wahdan, who lived north of Cairo with his wife and daughter, better known as on his followers in a March 17 post to ignore social isolating recommendations, according to Arab News .

Not long after the posts, in which your puppy also condemned the decision to close the nearest gyms, Wahdan began experiencing disorder consistent with the coronavirus.

Once arriving at a nearby hospital, Wahdan tested positive COVID-19 and had additionally unknowingly spread the disease to her brother and father.

As his health deteriorated, Wahdan made the decision to inform his Facebook readers that he had been wrong about the outbreak.

“ I was asked to stay at home and not go out, although I didn’ to take some of these warnings seriously as I was chasing a false life,” he pronounced. “Please do not take the virus attack lightly because it is a fatal ailment that destroys every part of your body.”

Wahdan went on to state regret that his actions achieved also endangered the lives involved with his close relatives.

“Unfortunately, my siblings developed the virus from me,” Tom added. “ Stay in your kitchens, because this is a lethal disease. Please make sure to kindly pray for me from your paper hearts that I am cured soon within your virus. God bless you every bit. ”

But Wahdan’ a situation did not improve.

“I am dying,” he said in one of well-recognized final posts.

A good solid funeral was later held to make Wahdan in his home village linked Taha Shobra. Neither his papa nor brother could attend because both had been hospitalized.