Who really knows what he eats? Much of our food is processed in such a way by mixing additives and distortion that not only the original flavors are lost, but also contact with the origin; For example, an animal. Visual artist Peter Augustus hopes to change that.

Two years ago he moved to Hong Kong where there are still many meat shops were each part of an animal is displayed in a shocking way (for us Westerners) in streets and window shops. However, you may be wondering which is better: the dissociation of flesh from his animal origin that we have created here or the horrifying truth of the East.

Augustus decided to make a Photographic serie called Mystery Meat where typical Western dishes are demystified.  They are stripped down of their processed meat and they got back their unedited version. “I do not make people sick or condemn, but make them simply more aware of what they eat. ”

A hamburger with pork meat


A Hotdog




Chicken Nuggets