If you watched Tiger King upon Netflix, you know the drama simply doesn’ t stop when it comes to May well Exotic. But in a recent interview, Joe’ s niece Chealsi Putman mentioned the show barely scratches the area on Joe’ s evil actions!

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You may remember Chealsi through her brief appearance in the  Tiger King docuseries, where the girl decried Exotic for exploiting their parents. As it turns out, she’ ersus got a whole lot to say.

Speaking with DailyMailTV , Putman, who worked on plus off at Joe’ s tierpark from 1999 to 2017, declared that in real life her uncle is certainly “ 100 times worse” compared to what we saw in the show. The lady expressed a desire to tell the general public how truly evil the “ real Joe Exotic” actually is.

And here’ ersus where we add a big activate warning for animal abuse.

chealsi putman tiger king Chealsi appeared in the Tiger Ruler docuseries to accuse Joe associated with taking advantage of her grandparents. / (c) Netflix

Putman said the lady believes that her uncle had been at one point a “ good guy and genuinely looked after animals, ” but his avarice led him to become more and more violent towards the exotic pets he held in his zoo. Amongst those alleged harassing acts include claims of abnormally cold dead tiger cubs to sell in order to taxidermists and possessing videos of individuals performing sex acts on creatures at the zoo.


The particular 31-year-old alleges:

“ I’ ve personally witnessed May well spray a tiger with a open fire extinguisher, not out of a protection or for a life saving cause, but because the tiger didn’ to react the way Joe had desired it to. … He would possibly take cash under the table for your sale of the tiger [cub] or if someone delivered a check, it would be made out to another person, or even if the money was wired to some store, it would be in another person’ s name. Joe always attemptedto distance himself from any unlawful activity, but he had no problem regarding his employees in it. ”

Putman told DailyMailTV that will “ there must have been at least 10” tiger cubs that Joe stopped after they died, under the guise to be involved in “ research” with Tx A& M University. However , the girl herself “ never saw any kind of evidence” to support Joe’ s tale and “ believes he marketed them to private individuals to get packed. ”

She stated Joe would also sell infant monkeys, and witnessed alleged callous and abusive behavior towards monkeys in the park:

“ A few years ago, at the zoo there were a monkey who just a new baby, Joe wanted to take the infant monkey away from its mother therefore he could sell it. The mother monkey normally wouldn’ t let Joe take those baby away from her so , he or she decided to ‘ dart’ the mother goof. He was going to shoot a sedativ dart into the mother monkey therefore he could take the newborn baby away from the girl. Joe shot one dart in to the monkey, but after a few minutes the particular tranquilizer hadn’ t worked, therefore he shot another dart in to the mother, and another. He photo a total of five darts in to the mother until she dozed away so he could pry the baby goof away from its arms. I was embarrassed by his actions, he’ t lucky the mother monkey didn’ capital t die. ”

Concerning those bestiality allegations, Putman mentioned she never saw any of the video clips herself, just “ heard about all of them. ” She also claimed understanding of Exotic (real name Joseph Maldonado-Passage) filming his partners having sex to men.

One more surprising claim from the mother associated with three: Joe himself allegedly recently had an adult son with a former partner. His son even used to operate the park, until their connection soured because she claims May well tried to coerce his daughter-in-law directly into “ some fraudulent activities using the zoo’ s books and looking at account”.

Joe exotic parents gambling king Even though Joe’ s mother Shirley cried over mistreatment at the hands of Carole Baskin in a GoFundMe video seen in the particular series, Chealsi said it was May well who caused his parents’ wrong doings. / (c) Netflix

Joe’ s own parents Shirley plus Frances Schreibvogel also suffered from the previous gubernatorial candidate’ s mistreatment: based on Putman, who was raised by the girl grandparents, Exotic stole from plus neglected the Schreibvogels. She stated:

“ I don’ t think he ever actually cared for them. He saw all of them as pawns in his game, the majority of the bills, policies and loans for your zoo were in his parent’ h name. ”

Right after everything she’ d witnessed, Putman was happy to help the F hunt Joe down when he or she fled to Florida in 2018. Joe’ s niece said the particular Tiger King star “ understood the Feds were onto him”, so he left a burning phone with his mother Shirley. Right after Putman discovered the phone, she offered the FBI info to track the call Joe made to his mom, which led to his eventual criminal arrest.

The rest will be history… and a 22-year prison phrase for animal cruelty and killing for hire!

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Chealsi Putman has no regrets about the girl part in putting her granddad behind bars. In fact , she mentioned:

“ If it [was] up to me, I might have sentenced him to life at the rear of bars, he wouldn’ t possess ever seen the light of day time. ”

She has been disappointed by celebs like Cardi B who have voiced their assistance for her uncle — she informed DailyMailTV any call to excuse Joe “ makes them look like fools. ” And if she could state one thing to her incarcerated relative?

“ I hope you decay in hell. ”

Wow! That’ s a solid statement!

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