At least 2 hospitals were damaged badly by Aug 4 explosions in Beirut and because of this. they were unable to admit patients. A representative of St George Hospital, George Saad,  confirmed that there were 4 nurses killed by the explosions and 200 others in the hospital were hurt and wounded.

Bilal Jawich a photojournalist took this photo of a nurse at St George Hospital caring for the three babies and calling for help.

Most functioning hospitals in the city are found at capacity and were forced to say no to some potential patients. Lebanese authorities said that there were 2700 plus tons of highly explosive ammonium nitrate kept in a warehouse at the site of the explosions. The explosions killed 100- people and wounded thousands. On August 5, Khoury Hospital said that the facility treated at least 300 people wounded from the blast. Despite major damages to the hospital, everyone is working. The American University of Beirut Medical Center said that they are treating 400+ trauma cases from the explosions.
Dr. Mirna Doumit, President of the Order of Nurses in Beirut said that the explosions were a big hit to the healthcare system which was already suffering as a result o the country’s economic and COVID 19 crisis.

Several countries offered emergency support in the form o medical supplies, health care professionals and field hospitals