dr fauci account jun 23 Kevin Dietsch/AFP via Getty Images

Anthony Fauci says everyone needs to work together to have the coronavirus outbreak in the US under control.   During the White House coronavirus job force’s press conference, Fauci stated the US has a “serious problem” using the outbreak in certain areas. He mentioned it’s likely that as situations surge, parts of the country that are not viewing the rise in cases could quickly see more infections.   For that third day in a row, the united states recorded the highest number of single-day brand new coronavirus cases with more than 40, 1000 known infections on Friday.   Visit Company Insider’s homepage for more stories

Anthony Fauci, the top contagious disease expert, warned that the ALL OF US has a “serious problem” with coronavirus outbreaks. He spoke Friday throughout the White House coronavirus task force’s first press conference in 8 weeks.

“So what are the results in one area of the country ultimately might have an effect on other areas, ” Fauci said, according to the BBC .   See the rest of the story at Company Insider