French startup Angell offers signed a wide-ranging partnership along with SEB , the French industrial company behind All-Clad, Krups, Moulinex, Rowenta, Tefal while others. As part of the deal, SEB will produce Angell’ s electric bikes within a factory in Is-sur-Tille near Dijon, France.

SEB’ h investment arm, SEB Alliance, can also be investing in Angell . The terms of the offer are undisclosed, but Angell states it plans to raise between $7. 6 and $21. 7 mil (between € 7 and € 20 million) with a group of traders that include SEB.

“ We originally planned to produce 1, 500 bikes in 2020, ” Angell founder Marc Simoncini told me. “ We noticed that we were selling more bikes compared to expected. We now expect to sell ten, 000 bikes. ”

Angell has accepted 2, 500 pre-orders over the past six months — 75% in France and 25% from your rest of the world. But pre-orders more rapid drastically with the lockdown in Italy. During the month of May, Angell expects to sell three times more bicycles than during an average month.

Originally, Angell planned to develop its own factory and assemble bicycles itself. SEB is allocating twenty five employees on the production line plus production should start at the end of May. It will definitely make things move quicker and reduce potential delays.

Angell is a smart bicycle with an integrated display

Angell unveiled the smart electric bike in Nov 2019. It has a 2 . 4-inch touch screen, an aluminum frame, incorporated lights and a removable battery.

Like other connected bicycles from Rancher and VanMoof , it sets with your phone using Bluetooth. By doing this, the Angell bike has an included lock and alarm system. There are also a built-in GPS chip and cellular modem to track it if it ever will get stolen.

But Angell is going one step further with all the integrated display. You can select the amount of assistance and display information on the particular screen, such as speed, calories, electric battery level and distance. It can also screen turn-by-turn directions. Your handlebar furthermore vibrates to indicate when you’ lso are supposed to turn left or correct.

The company can also be announcing a second model this week, the particular Angell/S . It is a smaller, lighter version from the bike with a step-through frame. Each models feature the same battery, exact same motor and same electronics. In addition they both cost € 2, 690 ($2, 900).

Angell now expects to deliver the first set of bikes in July. Right at the end of the summer, new customers should be able to purchase a bike and get delivered inside 10 days. Eventually, the company will also turns out a full line of accessories, such as fenders, baskets and mirrors.