This is by far my weirdest travel story till date…

It was the end of February and I was travelling to Manila for work & pleasure.
The work aspect justified me getting a business class ticket.

As I arrived (3 hours before departure) at the check-in desks they were just about to open. I was personally greater and thanked for flying Qatar Airways again and so was the guy behind me, judging from his response and accent I could I tell he is British.

I took a quick glance at him and he looked like any ordinary tourist. mid 50’s, dressed casual, slightly overweight. Not at all a person who’d turn heads while walking down the street.

Since I’m a frequent flyer I’m a member of our local airport’s ‘fast track program’. They scan your iris and give you a special card, allowing you to skip immigration and go through a special line (something that does make heads turn from many of the people queuing in the emigration line). This pass also gives me access to a dedicated lounge, only available to members.

Lo and behold, who’s there too in the lounge, the British guy. It made me think about how weird it was for a foreigner to be part of this fast-track program but didn’t pay any further attention. Until I caught part of a phonecall he was conducting. “What are we going to do with the Canadians?” he said. My fantasy began to work and I was thinking he might be some businessman in the middle of an acquisition or merger. Didn’t pay any further attention though.

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