Decentralisation, Robotisation and Digital Transformation in the online drug trade

Drugs are bad, mkay!

The start of online drug trade

Tor, or the deep web as most people call it, is best known for its dubious forums, illegal content, leaked passwords, and underground markets where you could buy anything from drugs to guns, counterfeit software, botnets, replica watches, and so on.

Ross Ullbricht (Born in 1984) was arrested in 2013 and later charged with (among other things) a conspiracy to launder money, conspiracy to commit computer hacking, conspiracy to traffic narcotics over the Internet, and conspiracy to continue a criminal enterprise (the so-called kingpin charge).

Then the road ahead became bumpy

After Silk Road was taken down, it wasn’t long before new markets began to fill the void that Silkroad had left, despite the fact that its owner was sentenced to two life sentences plus 40 years.

These markets, also known as darknet markets, came and went. Some lacked ‘Opsec’ (operation-security), allowing authorities to identify the operators behind the markets. Many have also used a so-called exit scheme.

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