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This is what Americans ask Google…

Some of the things Americans search for on Google.. Some might blow your mind!
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Could We Hide the Earth From Alien Visitors?

Imagine if it were achievable to hide from the hostile alien civilization by ‘cloaking’ the complete planet?
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Free audio book: Introduction into blockchain and crypto currencies

In recent years, cryptocurrency, particularly Bitcoin, has proven its worth, with 14 million Bitcoins currently in circulation. Most of the existing market capitalization has been guided by investors speculating on the potential possibilities…
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Canada is the No. 1 Country in the World, Based on 2021 Best Countries Report

Washington, D.C. – For the first time, Canada takes the number 1 post in the 2021 Best Countries Report, a positioning and investigation project by U.S. News and World Report; BAV Group, a unit of worldwide advertising interchanges organization…

Sriwijaya Air Boeing 737 passenger plane feared to have crashed in Indonesia

A Boeing 737 passenger plane carrying 62 individuals is believed to have crashed into the sea shortly after take-off from Indonesia's capital Jakarta. The Sriwijaya Air disappeared from radars four minutes into its journey to Pontianak in…
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A Stolen Dog Reunites with Owner After 8 years!

"I told my husband to pinch me because I can’t believe this is real," said Julia Nemeth after reuniting with their dog that's missing for 8 years! Junior the dog has made his way home. The 9-year-old pit bull/terrier mix reunited…
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Give up smoking and spend more time with those who matter

Nicotine is addicting. It isn't a drug that you can just put down. There are almost 18 percent of American adults smoke cigarettes, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Trusted Source ) and nearly 70 percent…
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A Man who lost his penis is growing a new one…on his arm!

Malcolm Macdonald lost his genitalia to a severe infection- sepsis, and now sports a "bionic penis" on his left forearm. Malcolm, 45, suffered from a perineum infection which led to a severe case of sepsis in 2014, which spread to his extremities,…
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Mum Finds her 4-year-old daughter hanging herself copying a TIkTok Video!

“NO MORE TIKTOK FOR FREYA!” That’s how one mum posted in Facebook to warn parents about their kids’ use of the video-sharing app and the risk of them getting exposed to dangerous TikTok video challenges. In a Facebook post on…
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Scary Horror Movies People say they can never watch again!

Halloween is almost around, which means it's the best time of year to curl up in front of a good horror movie and get scared by choice and for fun! We recently did some surveys and ask people to tell us which horror movies they loved but…