This Plant Could Save The Earth!

Climate change is the biggest threat to mankind. It is the elephant in every room, only a whole lot more deadly. The good news is that globally we are doing a whole lot to slow down the negative effects. The bad news is that we might have already passed the'tipping point' as our C0² surpasses 400 parts per million (ppm). Thus, to save the World, we not only need to block the harm we are doing now but reverse generations of human planetary abuse.
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Scientists studies: A possible life in planet Venus

Is there life on Planet Venus? Scientists checked traces of phosphine gas that could be coming from MICROBES in clouds swirling high in the planet's atmosphere. Phosphine is a colorless gas that kinda smells like garlic or decaying fish.…
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Gender Reveal Party caused a huge California Fire

So the rumors were true. A gender reveal party was indeed behind a California fire that has burned more than 7,000 acres of land and forced thousands to evacuate their homes. The El Dorado Fire has joined dozens of other wildfires that caused…
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The Golden Gate in San Francisco California on a Smoky Orange Skies

The dark orange skies on the west coast, around 11 am September 10. This dim orange daylight confused almost everyone and everything — from the Bay Lights display on the Bay Bridge, which is supposed to turn off a half-hour after sunrise,…
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Deep-Sea Creature Caught On Camera Near An Oil-Rig

We all know there is still a lot to learn about the oceans of our planet. Especially when it comes to the creatures that live in the deepest parts of the oceans. Some experts say that we are not even close to discovering half of the living creatures…
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This Diver Encounters Two Seals, What Happened Next Will Blow Your Mind

Gary Grayson was diving off the coast of the Isles of Scilly (near the southwestern tip of England) when he had a very special encounter with a seal. This moment is one to remember. Luckily it was captured on camera, so we can see and feel the…
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This Sheep Tries To Escape From The Scariest Thing Ever Chasing Him

These people were just enjoying their holiday when something very unique caught their attention. An umbrella got stuck in a sheep's wool. They saw a pack of sheep chasing the one who tried to lose this scary thing! It makes for some funny footage…

Unimaginable Pictures Found Of Bigfoot In Russia

In Canada they are searching for Sasquatch,in the Himalaya for Yeti and in the US for Bigfoot. But did you know they also have a Russian version of the snowman? A Russian scientist says that he can show proof of that in the woods of Moscow. Andrei…
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The Most 20 Brilliant Timed Pictures Of Dogs

The internet if full of perfectly timed pictures, these pictures were timed perfectly to make you smile. We took 20 amazing pictures of dogs to make that even bigger, enjoy!

The 9 Most Impressive Places In The World, Nobody Knew About #7

All these wonderful places actually exist, even though it looks like the images are directly from a painting. We give you the chance to win a trip to one of these places. Share this article on Facebook and mention your favorite…