Why You Were Always Screwed With Having an Older Brother Or Sister

1. You Always Had To Walk In The Old Clothes Of Your Older Brother Or SisterEven if it still didn't fit. Your mom just made the flares smaller of the old stinky clothes. You felt like a clown. 2. You Had To Sleep In A Very Tiny BedroomWhile…
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10 Brilliant Thoughts You Will Only Get In The Shower

Shower Thought means things you will think of if you doing your daily regular stuff like working, taking a shower or daydreaming. We made a brilliant list of things like this.

10 Animals Who Are Threatened With Extinction Thanks To Humanity

The number of wild species reduced over 52 precent since 1970. Because we, as humans think we own more than just one planet. We destroy their living area, kill them, we fish and disrupt our climate.That is what the Living Planet Report…
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15 Amazing Cakes Which Are Too Beautiful To Eat

These aren't  just cakes this are pieces of art, so don't touch it! The library cakeThe Piggy Farm CakeThe giraffe cakeSnake CakeMaltesers And M&M's CakeCamera CakeWorld CakeDogs CakeTurkey CakeArt…
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Know What You’re Eating

Who really knows what he eats? Much of our food is processed in such a way by mixing additives and distortion that not only the original flavors are lost, but also contact with the origin; For example, an animal. Visual artist Peter Augustus…
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These Are The 10 Most Perfectly Timed Pictures Ever

These photographers mastered the art of timing perfectly, or they just were lucky, Anyway, the pictures are fantastic and fun to watch.

This Luckiest Guy Ever Wins Lottery Not Once But Twice

Searching for the luckiest man of America can be stopped. Last wednesday, Robert Hamilton from Indianapolis won the lottery for the second time in three months.  On wednesday the spokesmen of the Indiana Lottery announced that Hamilton…
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The 9 Most Impressive Places In The World, Nobody Knew About #7

All these wonderful places actually exist, even though it looks like the images are directly from a painting. 1.The Roraima mountain on the border of Venezuela, Brazil, and Guyana.2.Salar de Uyuni. A salt flat in southwestern Bolivia.3.You…
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His Pregnant Wife Didn’t Want To Pose With Her Belly. So He Did It Himself, But …

"My wife didn't want pregnancy photos of her belly. So I hired a photographer and took in her place ... " According to Redditor DruishPrincess69 . See the creative but mostly hilarious results that are going viral.