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16 Brilliant Things You NEED To Have If You Love Pizza

Do you love pizza? But we mean REALLY LOVE? In that case we have some good news for you. We made a list of the most epic products which will really make, you happy.   1. The Pizza Bed     2. Pizza Socks     3. Pizza Ring     4. The…

20 Recognizable Moments Which Frustrates Everybody

Redditer mildlyinfuriating collects pictures of daily things which is frustrating for everybody. We collected the best examples for you. 1.ALWAYS The Same 2.Are You Kidding? 3. This Frustrating GIF 4. Bad, Very Bad 5. Facebook's…

These Are The Most Stylish Twins You’ve Ever Seen

They even have already artist names. Meet M en D, two young guys which are extremely stylish.

10 Most Difficult Versions Of I See I See What You Can’t See

Then you poop out stones.. That is the American saying when you have to look a little longer to find out what is actually on the pictures. We've collected the most brilliant pictures of things you won't see directly when you look at it. 1.) 2.) 3.) 4.) 5.) 6.) 7.) 8.) 9.) 10.) Please…
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The Most 20 Brilliant Timed Pictures Of Dogs

The internet if full of perfectly timed pictures, these pictures were timed perfectly to make you smile. We took 20 amazing pictures of dogs to make that even bigger, enjoy!

11 Most Failing Facebook Statuses You Will Ever See

Are you ready to be ashamed for humanity? Check out the 11 dumbest Facebook status updates you've ever seen. 1. Hongkong in Africa   2. Flute shaped swimming pool   3. Google Maps   4.  Birthdays   5.…

10 Drinking Games Everybody Wants To Know

There is always a reason to drink and play some sweet games with your friends, especially when its summer! That's why we've collected the 10 best drinking games to play with your friends, enjoy! 1. Jenga 2. Battle Shots 3. Chess 4. Alcohol…

11 Recognizable Moments Everybody Will Understand

So you're sitting in your car in front of a red traffic light. The traffic light takes hours so you say to yourself: "It is going to jump on green when I count to 3", So there you go: 1.. 2.. 3.. and YES ITS GREEN! You're the king and the…