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‘Your Cock Is Mine Today:’ Hacker Locks Internet-Connected Chastity Cage, Demands Ransom

A hacker took charge of people's internet-connected chastity cages and demanded a ransom to be paid in Bitcoin to unlock it. "Your penis is mine now," the hacker told one of the victims, as demonstrated by a screenshot of this conversation…
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Online Shopping Fails

Since the entire world is on lockdown with curfews and limited mall hours, people are doing online shopping for the past months.  There are a lot of goodies but you have to wait for a week of delivery. regardless, it's just like getting…
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The Simpsons’ accurately predicted the future- from Smartwatch, Trump being US president and a lot more!

19 years ago, an episode of The Simpson's show predicted that Trump would be America's President. That wasn't the only time that they have managed to predict the future! The Simpsons has been on for almost 30 years, so it's like some…
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Easier Hotbox in the Future

In 1962, an Italian magazine wrote a story on how the world would look like in 2022. Share your thoughts!
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Working from home and miss the office? Try this awesome site, it will bring you back to the old normal!

Ever since COVID-19 hit us, most of us office workers are working from home. Either alone, or together with their partner and (even worse) kids running around. This site will bring you back to those good old times at the office! Just leave…

Whats wrong with this image?

It looks normal.. Well, sort of.. But something is wrong.. Can you tell?  

3 Year Old DJ Amazes Judge and Audience On South Africa’s Got Talent

This 3-year-old DJ named DJ Arch Jnr started DJing when he was only 1 year old. After his father bought a DJ software for his personal use he discovered that his son had an awesome musical talent. Now his father has a partner to DJ with. And…

Man Cries Tears Of Joy After Discovering That His Wife Is Pregnant After 17 Years Of Trying

Becoming a parent is a wonderful happening and a precious gift from nature. However, for some people to become a parent is not that easy as it is for others. In my environment, I have seen a lot of people try to get children. Unfortunately,…
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This Sheep Tries To Escape From The Scariest Thing Ever Chasing Him

These people were just enjoying their holiday when something very unique caught their attention. An umbrella got stuck in a sheep's wool. They saw a pack of sheep chasing the one who tried to lose this scary thing! It makes for some funny footage…
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10 Brilliant Thoughts You Will Only Get In The Shower

Shower Thought means things you will think of if you doing your daily regular stuff like working, taking a shower or daydreaming. We made a brilliant list of things like this.