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The Simpsons’ accurately predicted the future- from Smartwatch, Trump being US president and a lot more!

19 years ago, an episode of The Simpson's show predicted that Trump would be America's President. That wasn't the only time that they have managed to predict the future! The Simpsons has been on for almost 30 years, so it's like some…
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Easier Hotbox in the Future

In 1962, an Italian magazine wrote a story on how the world would look like in 2022. Share your thoughts!
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Trump is back at the White House

"Don't let COVID dominate you!" -- TrumpWearing a dark blue business suit, a blue tie, and a mask, Mr. Trump walked out of Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in the Washington DC suburbs on Monday evening pumping his fist. After…
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A Billionaire just completed his 4-decade long dream of giving away his $8 Billion fortune!

Charles Feeney, 89, who co-founded the Duty Free Shoppers chain in 1960, made billions while living as a monk. Years ago, Feeney shared that he had set aside about $2 million for himself and his wife, and would love the rest of his life donating…
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Studies Show that 9 Out Of 10 People With Covid-19 May Suffer Lingering After-Effects

The Results from a preliminary study out of South Korea has found that 9 out of 10 people report experiencing at least one long-term side effect after recovering from Covid-19, ranging from serious fatigue, lung damage, and other psychological…
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Corona Update: America ranks number 1 of the world’s 1 million death toll

The global corona virius death toll has crossed one million and the USs accounts for more than 20%. In less than 8 months from the first reported coronavirus-related death in Wuhan, China, on January 9 to a global death toll of 1,001,800…
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The Angel of Gap

Back in 1964, Australian navy veteran Don Ritchie and his family moved to a house right across the street from a place called ‘The Gap’ Sadly, t is Australia’s most famous suicide spot. For nearly 50 years of living there, Ritchie…

Love in time of the corona virus

Love during pandemic took on a Shakespearean twist in Italy when a couple who fell in love across balconies during lockdown kissed and met for the first time. Michele D’Alpaos, 38, and Paola Agnelli, 40, a lawyer, the couple's…
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Jennifer Lopez- How can a 51-year-old woman look this good?

Jennifer Lopez put on a showstopping display in her latest sexy Instagram post! On Sunday, she made the most of her incredible figure as she posed up a storm in a sexy bikini and it was shared with her 131 million Instagram followers over…

The bride was given a 1M cash on her wedding day!

Grooms and their brides spend much cash on their wedding day. Couples make this day special for them and their guests. But what could be the most special gift a groom can give his wife? If a groom isn't that well off, a bride can expect something…