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Valkyrie’s bitcoin futures ETF posts trade volume worth nearly $80 million on opening day

Valkyrie's bitcoin futures exchange-traded fund (ETF) noted on NASDAQ Friday, scoring an $80 million debut by the end of the day's session.
Digital Nomad Life
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How to become a Digital Nomad

Digital nomads can be professionals, creatives, and experts in their field. They are also wanderers at heart, and travel is their passion.
Drugs are bad, mkay!

Decentralisation, Robotisation and Digital Transformation in the online drug trade

The start of online drug trade Tor, or the deep web as most people call it, is best known for its dubious forums, illegal content, leaked passwords, and underground markets where you could buy anything from drugs to guns, counterfeit software,…
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This is the First Decentralized Writing Platform that Pays Writers

This guide will explain what it is and how it works. Writers have many options to make money with their stories Online writing is fraught with traps. After you have been writing for some time, you'll no doubt feel the following: Modifying…
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This is what Americans ask Google…

Some of the things Americans search for on Google.. Some might blow your mind!
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Could We Hide the Earth From Alien Visitors?

Imagine if it were achievable to hide from the hostile alien civilization by ‘cloaking’ the complete planet?
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What is SpO2? And why should you care?

Your physical fitness tracker is with the capacity of monitoring all sorts of weird and amazing things. The thing is monitoring what, exactly, everything means! SpO2 is merely one of these of a lesser-comprehended metric that can supply insight into your wellbeing and wellbeing. You’ve probably seen it inside your wellness app’s dashboard, but precisely what will it suggest and what exactly are you supposed to carry out with that details? We break down just what SpO2 procedures, what good SpO2 amounts look like, and even more.

Weird UFO caught on camera at remote farmstead in North Dakota

Weird UFO captured by movement detection on ptz digital camera installed on top of construction out at remote unoccupied farmstead in Williston, North Dakota on April 5, 2021

Get a sneak peak at apps and games before launch

An initial look at fresh apps and titles before they discharge As Bethesda and CD Projekt Crimson possess both learned recently, betas are pretty essential. They serve to create hype locally for the next product and, moreover, as a check run…

The Case for Not Listening to Music When You Work Out

So long as I can keep in mind, I’ve paid attention to music while training. When I lifted weights with my soccer team back in senior high school, Metallica and DMX generally blared on the crappy PA program inside our dank weight area. Once…