Every week, we bring you the finest collection of tweets written about our furry friends.

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1. Mammal - Queefa @CaOimhee I'm very proud of him 9:17 pm · 10 May 2020 · Twitter for iPhone 165.7K Retweets 892.7K Likes 2. Frog - Conrad Brunstrom @conbrunstrom And in good news that makes up for everything, in Costa Rica they've discovered a frog that looks more like Kermit than any other frog. 11:29 am · 12 May 2020 · Twitter Web App 24.2K Retweets 109K Likes 3. Transport - cat with threatening auras @threatenedcats Deknel 9:18 pm · 9 May 2020 · Twitter for iPhone 26.9K Retweets 97.7K Likes 4. Untitled

Glad the dog was up this morning to take my delivery in… ?? pic.twitter.com/r6XNndFv5G

— Tom Davies ?? (@Tom_D98) May 12, 2020 5. Untitled

I tried the challenge with my son ? pic.twitter.com/vj5rRSaKJv

— ????? ??????? (@karrrlanichole) May 14, 2020 6. Fur seal - bug @crevicedwelling She made friends with an avocado 7:28 pm · 11 May 2020 · Twitter for iPhone 18.8K Retweets 109K Likes 7. Mammal - WeRateDogs® @dog_rates This is Ellie. She made a friend at the pool today. Was wondering if they could have a sleepover. The little one's parents already said it'd be fine. Both 13/10 Brittany Strain 8. Untitled

sometimes tiktok is good pic.twitter.com/A37aYQyiPi

— ?????? ????? (@shrimpbinch) May 12, 2020 9. Untitled

open for a surprise u will not regret pic.twitter.com/1xgkFWTaIC

— amy (@parmejean) May 9, 2020 10. Hamster - rats @RatsEveryHour rat sitting on a mushroom 11. Untitled

my neighbor fell in love with our dog and they’ve become best friends (katieeheslop IG) pic.twitter.com/dTJHnRIJM7

— Humor And Animals (@humorandanimals) May 15, 2020 12. Untitled

My view right this minute…seven badgers all just a few feet in front of me. pic.twitter.com/l4CkTVXlzC

— Martin Rogers (@MartinRogers13) May 12, 2020 13. Untitled

I’m dead ?☠️ When I got back from the store all the goats had broken through the fence and were recking havoc on our street This is the craziest thing to happen all quarantine ??? pic.twitter.com/Hc7XpuiBdT

— Zach Roelands (@zach_roelands) May 13, 2020 14. Untitled

This is what every single day of 2020 has felt like. pic.twitter.com/Pz3x3CI2OA

— ✨Lys ✨ (@WhimsyDesigns) May 6, 2020 15. Untitled

Stop what you’ are doing and watch my weird dog fight a tree. pic.twitter.com/Tam5fBLZBc

— K.B. Spangler (@KBSpangler) May 14, 2020