“I told my husband to pinch me because I can’t believe this is real,” said Julia Nemeth after reuniting with their dog that’s missing for 8 years!

Junior the dog has made his way home.

The 9-year-old pit bull/terrier mix reunited with his owner, Julia Nemeth of Barberton, Ohio, eight years after being taken during a home invasion, according to the Humane Society of Summit County (HSSC).

Julia has 4 kids and she got Junior as a puppy. They had all had a strong bond and she even taught junior some hand signal commands so she could communicate with it without waking her children.

In 2012,  Junior the pitbull was stolen during a home invasion. Julia never stopped looking for him though the chances are so slim that’s she will see the dog again. Julia searched local shelter photos and lost-and-found pet groups online but never found Juinor, according to the HSSC.

But on July 2018, Junior was surrendered to the HSSC. The dog was called “Buddy” at the shelter, he was treated for tapeworm but other than that the dog is healthy.

Buddy, (Junior) was made available for adoption and was taken in by three different families over the years. However, none of the families were the right fit for the pup, and he was sent back to the shelter after each adoption.

In mid-December, Julia discovered Junior’s photo on the HSSC website and called the shelter immediately. After Julia described her dog’s personality, shelter staff realized that “Buddy” was in fact, Junior.

Julia brought her family to meet Junior the following day to make sure he still felt comfortable with them. That night, the family brought Juinor back home.

Julia said. “I can’t believe Junior is home. He carried me through the challenges of my life and to have him back means everything to me.”

Julia said that Junior has adjusted well to being back home. He’s resumed his normal activities of snuggling on the couch with family members, chewing his toys, and playing catch with Julia’s son in their backyard.