Residents in the city of Exeter in Devon England stood in amazement looking at a square cloud that floated over their house last weekend . On Facebook and Twitter  went many photos around the flying carpet above the city.

The cloud formation was observed for the first time on Saturday afternoon and made ​​the news when Laura Gilchrist, an employee of the British meteorological service, tweeted about it: “So this evening, over Exeter, there was a rhombus-shaped cloud…

flying carpet
Strange ‘magic carpet’ spotted over England

Some people thought they saw the flying carpet of Aladdin in the clouds. A spokesman for the weather service said that the cloud was an odd shaped aircraft trace. Although  normally contrails appears in two lines , this track changed due to the atmospheric conditions in a rectangle, the spokesman said.

Flying carpet

“In this case, a plane flown by an air pocket where the conditions were just right for the formation of contrails, the spokesman said.” “The combination of the wind and the appropriate atmospheric conditions and the ice crystals in the contrail spread to the outside so that’s how the rectangular cloud is originated. It is unusual that the edges can be seen that clear but it is a pretty common phenomenon. ”