Charles Feeney, 89, who co-founded the Duty Free Shoppers chain in 1960, made billions while living as a monk. Years ago, Feeney shared that he had set aside about $2 million for himself and his wife, and would love the rest of his life donating the rest. He is a big fan of “Giving While Living”, instead of financing foundations after his death. ⁠

Over the past 40 years, Feeney has donated more than $8 billion to charities, universities, and foundations through his organization Atlantic Philanthropies. He has donated around $3.7 billion to education and more than $870 million to human rights causes.⁠

“People used to ask me how I got my jollies, and I guess I’m happy when what I’m doing is helping people and unhappy when what I’m doing isn’t helping people.”⁠

On September 14, 2020, Feeney officially completed his 40-year mission of giving away his fortune and closed down his foundation.⁠

“My thanks to all who joined us on this journey,” he added. “And to those wondering about Giving While Living: Try it, you’ll like it.”⁠