As if the miracles didn’t left the world yet. It now turns out that beer is actually very healthy. Not for you belly or in the bar but medically it is a wonder drug. This are 5 reasons why.


1.Beer Is A Vitaminebomb

When you analyze beer it turns out that is contains a lot of super healthy supplements says Dr Stephan Domenig. Besides protein and minerals it contains fosfor, jodium, magnesium and kalium and also calcium.


2.Beerbelly? No Way!

There is no sugar in beer. If you drink a cola it contains 7 teaspoons of sugar and a orange juice 6. It is also good if you are thirsty because it contains 93% water. Beer also contains a lot of fibers, 2 glasses of beer contains about 10 to 30% of the daily average of fibers you need. This results in less hunger which is good for your diet.


3.Extremely Good For Your Brains

Many investigations show that beer can prevent Alzheimer. This only works when you drink no more than 2 beers a day.


4.You Will Get Prettier

Beer has ferulic acid. That is a very powerful anti -oxidant which protects the skin from the sun. You can also find that in Tomato, Corn and Rice. The most dark beers are the best for this. It is not only good for your skin but also for your hair. Catherine Zeta-Jones uses it as a conditioner: “I smell a lot like beer, but it is very good for my hair.”


 5.Very Horny Stuff

The hop in beer has some kind of aphrodisiac. Also said: You’re getting horny as hell from it. Hop conflicts a relaxing factor and you don’t have to drink too much of it to notice the benefits.

It’s time for a beer!