Some foods just don’t belong in the fridge. They do not only lose flavor, some even moldy faster. Learn which products you shouldn’t stuff in your fridge.



The first product which quickly loses its flavor in a cool environment are tomatoes. The cold air in the refrigerator stops the ripening process so the flavors can not develop further. And although your tomatoes are looking nicely on the outside, they are very watery on the inside. You can ripen them better in the sun before you are going to eat them. At the moment they look nice red and full you can eat them.



This spicy plant will not wilt only faster but also absorbs the smells and flavors of the food around it. After preparing a dish and you still have some basil left you better first blanch the leaves and then freeze them.



By keeping potatoes in the fridge they become very sweet and “sand-like” because the starch is rapidly converted in sugar. You can better keep them in a paper bag in a cool place such as the basement or shed, just let it rest. Paper bags are better than plastic because there is more air circulation in a paper bag so the potato will rot too fast.



Even your best onions you should stash in a cool, dry place above. However, do not add them to the bag of potatoes otherwise they will both moldy faster. Due to the high moisture content in onions, they become moldy in the fridge very quickly. You can keep spring onions and chives in a cold place because they contain less water.



These fruits are only eatable when they are really ripe and contain lots of flavors. However, this maturation process stops when you store them in the refrigerator. Who really bought ripe avocados but don’t want to eat them right away you have to put them in the fridge, so do not spoil the fruit.



The reason why garlic earlier was kept in ‘look pots’ is to make them longer lasting. Garlic germinates very quickly in refrigerator.


white bread

Bread will be dry and hard very fast in the fridge. The best way to keep it tender is to put the bread in a pack in a plastic bag. If you still have some cuts the freezer is an option.

Olive oil

Olive Oil

The best place for oil is in a cool and dark place, ideally, a pantry. It will easier condense and warp in a hard, almost buttery consistency.



Just like tomatoes fresh coffee beans will absorb the flavors of the nearby refrigerator. You can keep both bean and ground form in the freezer or a dark pot so the flavors won’t loose.



Honey will crystallize when its stored in the refrigerator. Moreover this sweet stuff remains very long when it is properly sealed. A glass jar is perfect.

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